Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Night Game

Ticket Out The Door

'Ticket Out The Door' is a great way to reinforce any mathematical concept being taught...
Students must answer a mathematical question before being allowed 'out the door' for recess or lunch.
Questions can be number related. For example - times tables, friends of 10 or any of the four processes.
Questions can also be related to other mathematical areas such as measurement, geometry, probability, etc. For example...
  • How many centimetres in 5.5 metres?
  • I am a 3 dimensional object and have 6 faces - what could I be?
  • What are my chances of rolling a 3 on a 10 sided dice?
  • How many grams in a kilogram?
  • Tell me one different way could I measure the basketball court?
  • If I flip a coin 10 times, what would you expect to happen?
Questions can be adjusted to suit individual students and the "ticket" can be a high five as they successfully answer the question and head out the door!
Have fun!