Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happy Holidays!

For us at iSURF Maths and schools across Victoria, Term 3 has drawn to a close.
After a busy, productive, challenging, thought provoking and inspiring term... we will be taking a short break.
We will return in two weeks time, ready for another term ahead!
If you have any suggestions for us or would like us to consider creating a particular unit of work - please let us know and we will add it to our list!
Happy holidays everyone!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Maths Tool Kit - Junior Primary School

This week we have added a new resource pack to our store.
Included in this pack are a collection of tools and resources that can be used across many areas of the Mathematics curriculum.
Teachers can print each resource in colour or black and white, on A4 or A3, once or multiple times to suit your teaching and student’s needs. Resources can be laminated for long term use or printed for individual use.
Tools and resources included in this pack:
  • Days of the week cards
  • Months of the year cards
  • Seasons cards
  • Mathematical language cards (e.g. smaller/larger, likely/unlikely)
  • Four processes language and symbols cards
  • Numerals: 0 – 20
  • Number names: 0 - 20
  • Number charts: 0 – 99, 1 – 120
  • Number expanders: tens/ones, hundreds/tens/ones, thousands/hundreds/tens/ones
  • Place value charts: tens/ones, hundreds/tens/ones, thousands/hundreds/tens/ones
  • Number lines
  • Clock faces
  • Thinkboard (including instructions for use)
  • Blank graphing template 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Brilliant Board Games!

I am sure we all have a favourite board game that brings back fond memories!
There are so many to choose from today... I have lost track of how many different versions of Monopoly there are now!
But they all have several things in common, along with many advantages...
  • everyone needs to learn (and play by) the rules
  • inter-personal skills are developed
  • peer teaching is a great way to learn new games
  • many games require a great deal of patience
  • having a strategic approach can be useful
  • games often use a vast range of mathematical skills
  • scoring develops additive thinking
  • higher order thinking is encouraged
  • persistence is a must!
How often do we provide our students with the opportunity to learn and play a new board game??? Something that can be shared with friends and family, a game that will be looked back on fondly in years to come???
Drag a few out of the cupboard and let us know how you go!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Maths Tool Kits - Coming Soon!

We are currently developing Maths Tool Kits for both junior and senior primary school classrooms.
These kits will have a range of 'pick up and go' resources that can be used across a wide variety of maths lessons and content areas.
Examples of resources to be included in the junior tool kit:
  • Days of the week cards
  • Mathematical language cards
  • Numbers cards
  • Number charts
  • Place value charts
  • Number lines
  • Clock faces
  • A Thinkboard
These are just to name a few!  
If you have a resource request or suggestion for inclusion in our Tool Kits (junior or senior), please let us know!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Across Australia today we are celebrating all the Dads (and special people) in our lives...
we wish you all a very happy Father's Day!
We hope you enjoy this special day and spend some wonderful time together.
Enjoy the sunshine, play a board game or just hang out!
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Number Sense - all about 3

All About Three

19 pages
Poster showing three in many ways – tally, sequence, clock, ten frame, domino, hand, dice
Add three presents to the sack
Add three koalas to the tree
Small folded book about three
Cut and add groups of three
Colour and practise handwriting
Circle groups of three
Find all the 3s
Add the cockatoos to the tree
Missing letters
Make each group have three objects
Booklet for 3 – copy, staple on the marks and cut in half to make two books