Wednesday, 21 May 2014

It is all ADDING up!

Welcome to the beginning of our exploration of ADDITION!
Addition is an interesting concept that students often come to school having a basic grasp of...
"If I have 4 toys and I get 2 more, I will have 6." (Which is definitely better than 4!)
Addition has several key understandings that are essential to ensure students are equipped to move to more complex problem solving later on.
One example of this is the introduction of vertical recording from the start.
Students begin learning about addition by exploring addition stories and using familiar, concrete  materials.
Ten Frames are a great way to introduce addition - students are able to make connections between place value and using parts to make a whole.
Using Ten Frames vertically will help students make the connection to written addition problems at a later stage.
See below for some examples...
We are currently compiling an addition resource for teachers - based on both the sequence of developing the concept of addition (Booker et al, 2010) and AusVELS.
This will be released in stages - keep your eyes out for this soon!