About us

Kerry & Paula welcome you to iSURF!

Kerry is an Assistant Principal & Paula is a Curriculum Leader, Coach & currently teaching Year 5/6. We spend our days at two different regional primary schools in Victoria, Australia.

Three ways to sum us up, professionally and in our spare time…and why  we have a Maths focus

Professional Kerry: curriculum juggler, Professional Learning Team (PLT) support crew and brainteaser.

Kerry’s spare time: urban escapologist, passport stamper and Rogainer (Google that!).

Professional Paula:  team trailblazer and curriculum engineer.

Paula’s spare time: coffee drinker, traveller, blogger and collector (shopaholic) of shoes and handbags!

We are educational enthusiasts with a passion for great curriculum that engages, captivates and inspires.  iSURF represents our Mathematical thinking in relation to AusVELS and the National Curriculum, we hope you find it thought-provoking as well as useful.