Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Calendar for your bulletin board

Our latest work is around the calendar and builds on the use of ordinal number from last week. 


You can use blutac to organise the display. You could put magnetic strips on the back of days of the week or months of the year, if you have space to do this. They could also be placed on a bulletin board.

The months could be enlarged to A3 as well as the dates for each month.

Contents include
Base boards for each month
Dates for each month, that include special holidays. 
There are spare cards for dates you may want to add
Headings for parts of bulletin board
Icons for weather
Season cards
Days of the week cards
Months of the year cards
Number of days we have been at school
Birthdays – one set for the calendar without space to record names and one set to write name and date on. These may be used on the month boards as well as the birthday train
Birthday train for display – two sets, one you can copy as many carriages as you need and put a photo of each child in the window and then add the month underneath.
Tags for “What’s on today?”  Two sets available – one with clocks