Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Four Processes - Addition

Australian Curriculum

Level - Foundation & Year One
After lots of homework, research and creating, we are very pleased to be able to add (no pun intended!) a Four Processes - Addition unit to our collection.
As students explore addition, this unit aims to combine the sequence of learning required to develop the addition concept, while meeting the requirements of AusVELS.

Both the sequence for developing the addition concept and AusVELS are combined to provide a thorough approach to the teaching of addition. Included are a range of effective teaching strategies (adapted from Teaching Primary Mathematics, Booker et al, Pearson, 2010) accompanied by iSURF resources to support their implementation.
This unit includes:
• On overview of the concepts and strategies relevant to the development of addition
• Key teaching points & strategies
• A Student Progress Record sheet
• Tasks to support the teaching of addition
• Resources to support the teaching of addition
• Identified assessment tasks to support a differentiated teaching approach
Tasks and resources included:
• Vertical Ten Frames (laminate for long term use)
• Stories to support use of Vertical Ten Frames
• Vertical Ten Frames – written addition (laminate , cut in half and use whiteboard markers)
• Counting On
• Using Doubles
• Make To Ten
• Reviewing The Strategies
• Partitioning & Rearranging Parts
• Addition Basic Facts
This is a new approach to creating iSURF units of work and we would be delighted to hear your feedback!
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