Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

One of us is in Fiji and the other in the USA - so  we will be back blogging around the 8th and will have some bundled packs for you.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Night Maths Game - 22nd Dec

Here is our game for this week

Go to Cool Maths -  click here  or on the images below

This site has an amazing array of games - these links will take you to Christmas themed ones

Your students will love you and be learning while they are playing

Our Sunday Night games will return mid February

Merry Christmas and safe holidays

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Seeing Symmetry - Interactive Journal


This is a print and go unit of work - click here to see it in our store
Read through the suggested plan and use the assessment sheet each day

Task One
Discuss - What is symmetry?
List objects that have a line of symmetry
Draw a shape that has a line of symmetry
Have a copy of Task 1 for all students
They glue the tabs in their Maths Book
Then write and draw underneath the flap

Task Two
Which letters have a line of symmetry and which do not?
Copy task on pages 10/11 for all
Use page 10 as flaps and then place objects under the correct flap
Draw in the line of symmetry

Task Three
Objects that have a line of symmetry
Copy pages 12/13
Page 13 are objects to be used under the flaps for having a line of symmetry or not

Task Four
Copy p14
Students draw the other half of the shape
Discuss the need to be accurate and show the mirror image
When complete – draw half a shape on the back for a buddy to complete

Task Five
Copy page 15
Discuss natural and man made items
Students need to draw items under the correct flap
On the top of each flap make notes about what you discover 

Our store - click here

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Maths Game Linkup - 15th Dec

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Roll and Colour tasks are great for fluency in Maths.

This game is a freebie in our TPT store. It combines this fav task of mine as well as one of my fav books - Polar Express. 

There are three tasks (two sets - one with colour and one with color)


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Number Sense

This pack helps your students to come to terms with numbers between 0 and 20.

Children need to know how to write the numeral, see the collection and know what comes before and after. 

They need to see each number on a number line, on a ten frame as well as have practise writing it. 

This pack will assist you to do this. 




Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Night Maths Linky - 8th December

Roll A Christmas Tree

A fun and easy Christmas game for students in Foundation to Grade 2.
A free download from our digital stores!

What you need:
ü  ‘Roll A Christmas Tree’ template (one per student)
ü  Dice (six sided)
ü  Coloured pencils/textas/crayons

How to play:
v  Play in small groups (approximately 4)
v  Take turns to roll the dice, then colour the corresponding section of the Christmas Tree
v  Colour each section once - if you roll the same number again – miss that turn
v  The first person to colour all sections of their Christmas Tree is the winner

o   When a player wins the game – keep playing until all members of the group have finished their tree. All players continue to roll the dice, instead of colouring sections of the Christmas Tree – add your own decorations/presents under the tree  (however many were rolled)
o   Make your own game – draw a Christmas picture using 6 different shapes. Give each shape a number between 1 – 6, copy and play with your friends (use blank ‘Roll a __________’ template)
o   Use a 10 sided dice – add 4 decorations to the list that must be rolled before the game is finished

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Loopin' Around!

As promised...

here is the next installment in our Loop Card series!

Loopin' Around
AusVELS Level 5 & 6
Number - mixed addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percentages.

Loop Cards are a great way to engage your whole class in a fun and challenging activity!
These Loop Cards are created for use in the ‘Fluency’ component of an iSURF lesson, based on multiplication/division. Loop Cards are a great way to start a class discussion about the most efficient strategies for mental computation.

All Loop Cards are currently on sale for $1 until the end of the year!

Happy Loopin'!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Night Maths Linky - 1st December

Crazy Catalogues!

December has arrived and with it comes the silly season.
In our letterboxes come catalogue after catalogue, filled with everything you could possible imagine - all at a discount, must have price!
Rather than throw all of these away - why not make use of them?!?
Start collecting catalogues and make the most of the maths inside!
Here are 5 ideas to get you started...

Use a range of catalogues (toys, groceries, sporting, jewelry, car accessories, home-wares, etc).
Select the activities that are appropriate for your age group of students.
  1. Select any 5 items you would like for Christmas and order them from least to most expensive. Then combine your items with a friend and order all 10.
  2. Select 5 food items (that you can see the weight of) and work out how much each would be per 100 grams. Which is the best value?
  3. Choose any 3 items and work out the average cost for the three.
  4. Choose a gift that you think all students in your class would like - how much would it cost to buy one for everyone? What are the different ways you could work this out? Which is the most efficient?
  5. Find 5 items that are within a given price range (for example $5.50 to $6.00) or within a set price difference from each other (for example within 20 cents of each other - if the first item selected is $3.00 then all other items must not be any more expensive than $3.20 or less than $2.80).

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