Wednesday, 30 April 2014

On The Grid

Australian Curriculum
Measurement & Geometry – Location & Transformation
Level 3 & 4

This week we are posting a unit on using grids and maps.
As students explore grids, maps and directions, they will become familiar with the purpose and features. This unit allows students to work with grids and maps, create their own maps of familiar locations and develop their understanding of scale and legends.

Read through the weekly planner to know what the relationship is between the different parts of the lesson and the resources. This pack contains 23 pages.

Fluency tasks include:

  • Mini Grid
  • North, South, East, West
  • Hidden Pathways

Tasks to consolidate learning/Problem Solving tasks include:

  • Using & Making Grids
Key teaching point – using grids & identifying axis using numbers and letters
  • Grid Battleship
Key teaching point – reinforcing grids and consolidating the use of grid reference points
  • Map Reader
Key teaching point – using a map, giving directions and creating a legend
  • Bird’s Eye View
Key teaching point - creating a simple map, exploring legends and scale
  • Local or Google Maps
Key teaching point – interpreting information found on local maps and giving directions

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