Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Night Games

Continuing our addition theme...
Enjoy a game of Tower Roll
(particularly suitable for students in Year 1 & 2)
Tower Roll allows students to practice  a range of addition strategies they have been learning.
Players: 2 -4
Equipment: two 0-9 sided dice, a calculator & plenty of blocks/Lego/MAB etc
Students take turns to roll both dice and add the 2 numbers together. Another student in the group uses a calculator to check their answer. If they are correct – they take that number of blocks from the pile and begin to construct a tower. If the tower falls – you must start again in the next round. Play 10 rounds – tallest tower at the end of 10 rounds is the winner.
Enjoy this game that engages students - while allowing them to practice their essential addition skills.