Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Night Games

This week we are sharing another '10's' game...



Equipment needed:

  • 1x tens frame each
  • 10 counters each
  • 1 dice - 10 sided
  • 10 MAB ones

How to play TOP UP TO TEN:

Students play with a partner and sit opposite each other. They take turns at rolling the dice. When the dice lands, the first person to call out how many more are needed to make 10 (and prove it using the MAB ones) puts a counter on their 10's frame.
For example, a 6 is rolled and Thomas calls out '4'. He then shows 6 MAB and the 4 needed to add up to 10.
The first to have ten counters on their 10's frame is the winner.


  • Use a calculator to prove they are correct
  • Have extra 10's frames available to use as scaffolding
  • Both students must make the number first before calling out the answer (extra MAB needed for this variation)
Feel free to share your own favourite 10's games with us by either replying to our post or emailing us at: