Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Inside and Outside - Area and Perimeter

We have a whole new planner for you to have a look at.
This unit is aimed at Year 5 students.
This one is about area and perimeter and takes the students through 15 tasks.
There is a planner for the teacher to follow.
The tasks would probably go over two weeks and not one as suggested - we all tend to over plan.
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A total of 33 pages- this unit includes a 2 page planner. This planner is designed to allow students to choose their own tasks. Depending on the level of your students, you may direct some to certain tasks. This planner may go over two weeks.
There are
‘I can’ statements x4 – print and display. These are referenced throughout the unit
Task 1 - Perimeter of regular shapes
Task 2 – Area of regular shapes
Task 3 – Perimeter of irregular shapes
Task 4 – Area of irregular shapes
Task 5 – Calculate area and perimeter
Task 6 – Design a picture for area and perimeter
Task 7 – Shapes with the same area
Task 8 – Formal calculations
Task 9 – Paddocks with a difference
Task 10 – The area of your name
Task 11 – Design a house – research how the area of a house is measured
Task 12– Design a garden bed
Task 13 – Desks in your class
Task 14 – Area of an object
Task 15– Zoo or Farm
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