Sunday, 21 July 2013

Build a wall with dice

We will be posting ideas for games that will compliment the iSURF(c) approach to the Australian Curriculum and AusVELS every Sunday night! So watch this space and spread the word.
This week it is "Build a wall with dice"
This game uses Solving Problems and Fluency from our iSURF(c) approach
You will need
A six sided dice
Unifix - or any blocks that will stack - or grid paper
You can play in pairs or as a whole class using blocks on the Smartboard and a large dice
Decide what the wall will be ie 10x6 or 12x10, or whatever number facts you may be working on
Take it in turns and roll the dice
The first player stacks the number of blocks that has been rolled
The second player, rolls and may choose to put their blocks next to or on top of
The winner is the one who completes the wall
You may use addition or subtraction, add extension/support by using a 4/8/10/20 sided dice
use grid paper and two colours - one for each player