Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Maths Game Link up

Depending on which side of the world you live in, it will be either be Math or Maths. Where we are, it is Maths. Last Sunday I posted a game you could use to establish fluency in counting while throwing a dice and making a unifix wall.

Our game for this week is Fair Go with dominoes - it is a game for two players. Empty the dominoes on the table face down. Take it in turns to choose two dominoes and if the collection is an even number you get a point - add both sides of the dominoes. The winner is the one who gets to ten points first.
This helps to add to collections quickly as well determine if it is an even number.

This week we are putting a linky up to add your own game. (Hoping it works)

The rules are simple.

1. Copy the button into your post and link back to our site.
2. Make a post about a Maths game that helps your students with fluency in Maths.
3. Come back and add your post link to the linky tool.

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