Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Everything is Ship Shape!

This week has brought with it a little bit of Mathematical fun! Exploring shapes, patterns and transformations is proving to be not only engaging but a great way of providing success for all!

Below you will find a link to 'Shaping Up - Patterns and Transformation' a unit designed to complement 'Shaping Up - 2D shapes and 3D objects' posted last week. This unit is aimed at AusVELS Level 2 but includes activities that are suitable for Year 1 - 3 students.

The Measurement and Geometry strand can often be a section of Maths, in which students who struggle with numbers, can excel. It is also an area of Maths, that when delivered through the proficiencies of 'Understanding' and 'problem Solving', can be transferred immediately to student's own lives. They are more easily able to 'see' solutions to practical/logistical problems around them. Although we are aware of the importance of consolidating student's understanding of number, it is equally important to provide a balanced program for all.