Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Night Games

Number Swat!

Number Swat is a quick, easy and fun game to play that will reinforce just about any Maths concept!

Equipment needed:

  • 2 Fly Swatters
  • Numbers 0 - 10 (on individual cards)

Aim of the game:

Swat the card that matches what the teacher (or student) says as quickly as possible.

How to play:

  • Number cards are spread out randomly on the floor
  • Students line up with a partner (make a line on the floor to stand behind)
  • Divide students into 2 teams (eg students lined up on the right are the green team, students that are lined up on the left are the blue team)
  • The teacher calls out a number and the first pair race to swat the matching number
  • The first person with their fly swat covering the number earns a point for their team
  • The pair then sit down around the edge of the number cards (not too close!)
  • After everyone has had a turn - the team with the most points at the end wins!


  • Increase the numbers used (eg 0 - 20)
  • Use a mixture of numbers (eg 20 cards with a variety of numbers from 0 - 100)
  • Give an addition/subtraction problem - first to swat the answer wins a point
  • Cards have mathematical language on them - teacher gives the definition - students swat the matching mathematical term
  • Select a counting pattern or times table to focus on (eg 5x tables) - put the answers on cards. Teacher asks a times tables question and students swat the answer
  • Play before recess - as students are successful - they can head outside to play (this gives students who need further practise a second chance)
Feel free to add to our variations - write your ideas in the comments box below.