Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wacky Wednesday & Happy Holidays!

I was fortunate enough today to visit another primary school to attend a meeting. When I arrived  - the Principal apologised for her outfit and explained that it was 'Wacky Wednesday' (no explanation was needed really!). A day that had been organised by their Junior School Council as a dress up and fundraising day.
I considered all of the mathematics the students would be undertaking - probably without even realising it! Collecting donations, comparing outfits (colours, patterns, sizes etc), modified timetables for the day, investigating the fundraising theme - to build water wells in other countries (mapping, measurement, money etc).

 How lucky we are to teach and learn in such rich environments!

When we work so hard to provide amazing learning opportunities for our students - it is also important to have a break every now & then.
iSURF will be on holidays until Wednesday 16th July, when we will return to you with new ideas, maths tips and tricks, along with some new products to share.
Best wishes to all of our followers, friends and colleagues for a safe and restful break!
Kerry & Paula