Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Night Game - 16th Feb

This week we had a go at using Jigfits. I should have taken more photos, but we were so involved that I forgot. 

This photo shows a simple Jigfit using pictures and you can also talk about lines of symmetry.

There is a real process to solving these. 

You need to know if there are 9 or 16 pieces. 
9 means a 3x3 square and a 16 means 4x4 square.

If it is a 9 piece, then you need to find the centre piece that has 4 parts on it.
Then work you way out from the centre. 

A 16 piece one has 4 centre pieces! 

This book is a great support and has copies of place value jigfits you can copy and use. 

item image