Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Number Sense 0-10

We hope everyone in Australia has had a safe summer, and wherever you are, we hope you were out of harm's way and the fires. Our firefighters have done an amazing job.

Kerry and I have had a great break with our respective families and have both been out of the country seeing other parts of the world and recharging our batteries. 

As we start back at school we hope you have taken advantage of our school bundles - check out our previous posts.....

Here is a new product for our Foundation teachers using the Australian Curriculum.

31 pages which includes a weekly planner and an assessment recording sheet

This is a vital skill set for students and without it there will be no place value understanding.

This unit assists students
To understand that each object must be counted only once
Know that the arrangement of objects does not matter
To know that the last number counted answers the ‘how many’ question

Each day use the ten frame cards. Use as flash cards and ask how many children there are on each card. If the card is 7 – ask how did you know that? I can see 5+2 or 2+5. Record the strategies they use before each lesson this week. Cards can be used to sequence and discuss which is more or less?

Monday - Use the ‘Ten Frames – Make to 10’ sheet. With a partner and take turns and check each other’s work. For extension record the equation.

Tuesday – Thinkboard task – roll a 10 sided dice to complete the task. There is an example to share and you can model one before the students complete their own.  Share in small groups. Roving to check that students are completing the task correctly
Wednesday - Interactive Notebook task - view the example and model the task for the class. Students roll a 10 sided dice and that is the number they use. Repeat for the second flap.

Thursday - Draw the collection under the flap. Use the cards with numerals, word names and random collection cards. These cards will help to complete the interactive Notebook page. Copy the cards onto coloured paper to make different sets. 

Friday - Copy the ‘Roll and Colour’ Sheet. While students are working through this it is an opportunity to work with small groups to complete the ‘Student Progress Record’ Sheet.