Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Time Bingo

Time Bingo complements our "Time is Ticking" unit posted last Wednesday, or can be used as a stand alone task for students to practise their 'telling the time' skills.

Time Bingo includes 2 sets of placemats. Each set has 8 placemats, all with analogue and digital representations. The first set caters for students working at Level 1, using o’clock and half past. The second set caters for students working at Level 2 and also includes quarter past and quarter to. Print placemats and cards in colour and laminate.
To play Time Bingo…
q  Groups can have up to 9 people playing – 1 to shuffle and deal out cards , 8 with Time Bingo placemats
q  Decide which set of cards you wish to use (with or without quarter past/quarter to) and distribute these to students. Ensure students have time to look at their cards and discuss the times they have

q  Elect one person to shuffle and show the Time Cards one at a time. Students use a counter to mark off the matching times they have on their placemat. Cards that have been shown are placed in a neat pile and will be used at the end of the game to check the winner’s Bingo placemat
q  When students have 3 in a row - they call out ‘BINGO!’
q  The person showing the Time Cards checks their answers – if they are all correct, they are the winner. Students swap roles and placemats, then play again
q  Students can match the whole Time Bingo placemat before calling out ‘BINGO!’
q  Set a time limit for how long each Time Card is shown for e.g. 10 seconds
q  Speed Bingo – game runs for 3 minutes, cards are only shown for 3 seconds at a time, player with the most counters at the end of the 3 minutes is the winner (student showing the cards must keep track of the time)
q  Include ‘Free’ Time Cards in the pack – students must be able to correctly say the time they are putting the free on before placing a counter on that square
q  Time Cards can also be used as flashcards
q  Placemats and Time Cards can also be used as a matching activity
We look forward to hearing about your experiences teaching students to tell the time!