Sunday, 29 September 2013

Maths Linky - 29th September

What's the Time Mr Wolf?

It seems appropriate, given our Wednesday unit of work was one on time, to revist a classic children's game - What's the Time Mr Wolf?
Although this game is mainly just for fun (not that there is anything wrong with that!) it does reinforce the mathematical language of time. And with a bit of prompting from us... can even take it a little further.
How to play:
  • Move outside to a large playing area and select the first 'Mr Wolf'
  • Mr Wolf stands with his/her back to the other children, a good distance away
  • The group calls out "What's the time Mr Wolf?"
  • Mr Wolf turns around and replies with a time, for example "It's 2 o'clock" and turns back around
  • The group then takes 2 steps forward and asks again "What's the time Mr Wolf?"
  • Mr Wolf chooses a new time for example "It's 7 o'clock" and the group take 7 steps forward
  • The group is attempting to reach Mr Wolf without getting caught. When Mr Wolf senses members of the group getting close, instead of calling out a time, he/she calls out "It's DINNER TIME!" and turns and chases the group
  • Mr Wolf tries to catch a member of the group before they cross back over the starting line - if he/she is successfull - this person then becomes the new Mr Wolf
Use a set of time cards (using appropriate measures of time for the yar level you are working with), students must read the time and when they turn around - show the card to the group. Mr Wolf can still call "It's DINNER TIME!" at any stage.

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