Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Delightful Data

Delightful Data is a unit of work based on collecting and graphing information – suitable for students in Year (Grade) 1 & 2. It follows the process of; formulating questions, selecting relevant categories, data collection, representation and self-evaluation.
Delightful Data allows teachers to:
·         follow the planner day by day, using the lessons in a sequential manner, or
·         select and set specific tasks for students, or
·         students can choose their own tasks.
Depending on student’s prior knowledge, some tasks will require higher levels of student support and scaffolding than others. Once student’s prior knowledge has been established, individual goals can be set.
Read through the planner carefully to ensure all necessary worksheets/equipment will be available to students as needed. Tasks included in this unit are:
q  Lolly (or alternative) Graph
q   ‘I’ve got a question…. what could the answer be?’ (Teacher modelling poster + student worksheet)
q  Collecting data (Yr 1)
q  Tallying data (Yr 2)
q  Tally Marks poster - enlarge to A3, laminate and display for student reference
q  Making A Picture Graph
q  My Picture Graph
q  Make Your Own Graph
q  Data Three Ways (Yr 2)
As an extension – students collect graphs, tables and list from newspapers and magazines. They then examine the contents of each graph and compare their features/usefulness.
We look forward to hearing about your data collection adventures!