Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Which Way?

Level 1 & 2
Directions and Mapping

Which Way? includes a variety of tasks designed to encourage students to give and follow directions, as well as begin to understand the use of symbols in mapping. Which Way? is designed for students in Grade (Year) One and Two.

Which Way? specifically targets the Understanding and Fluency components of iSURF, however, also provides opportunities for individual goal setting, problem solving and reasoning along the way. There is a strong focus on oral language within this unit, which is essential to building student's confidence with location and directions skills.

Read through the weekly planner to understand the relationship between the different parts of the lessons and the resources. These activities can be used over one week, however, may last up to two weeks - depending on your selection of tasks. The order of tasks is structured to move students from oral to written work. Depending on the ability level of your students, tasks can be swapped around or the length of time spent on a task shortened/extended to meet individual student's needs.Also included - a range of extension activities to cater for students who have a deeper understanding of location/directions and spatial awareness. This pack contains 20 pages.

Tasks include:
  • Follow Me & Make It
  • 0-99 Chart - Which Way?
  • Be My Eyes
  • The New Kid
  • Mrs Pott's Classroom

Extension activities include (Grade/Year 3 level):
  • Secret Numbers
  • Bird's Eye View
  • Using Grids

We look forward to hearing about your adventures in different locations and of course...
how you got there!!!