Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fraction Cards

These Fraction Cards are designed to allow students to recognise and match each of the fractions they are expected to know (at AusVELS Level 3 & 4), in the various ways they can be represented.
Fractions are represented by:
  • Region model
  • Two language forms
  • Fractions of a collection
  • On a number line
  • Decimal notation (Level 4)
Print required cards in colour and laminate for long term use.
(depending on your purpose, to save paper or to make smaller cards - print 2 per A4 page).
Using these Fraction Cards assists students to develop their Understanding of fractions and improve their Fluency, two critical components of iSURF. Students must grasp these two aspects before they are able to share their Reasoning and go on to use their knowledge for problem Solving. As fractions are often a difficult concept for students to understand, it is essential we scaffold their learning and set individual goals to help them progress.
Included in this pack are a number of suggestions for the use of these Fraction Cards - use as many or as few cards as you wish (decimal Fraction Cards may be used as an extension for students in Grade/Year 3 ):

  • Ordering
  • Memory Game
  • Snap
  • Up & Down The River
Coming soon...
Fraction Bingo
Use your Fractions Cards to play Fraction Bingo.
Two sets of 8x Fraction Bingo placemats (one set with fractions and one set with fractions and decimals)