Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How do you get students to reflect on learning?

As teachers we are always looking for new ways to get our students to show us what they know.
We invite you to add to your repertoire - this new resource may help you to use new tools in your lessons.
We have put together some of our favourite tools which you will love to use in your classroom. Each tool is designed to get your students thinking, articulate their new learning and record the strategies they are using.
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You may wish to use them as a one off or select some to use at the beginning, middle and end of a unit of work.
Contact us if you would like extra ones included.
These tools can be used for students to share their reasoning of mathematical concepts
PMI – record the positive, minus and interesting facts about the topic
Alphabet Key – record what you know by using the alphabet to organise your knowledge
Venn Diagram – choose two aspects of mathematics to compare: what is similar goes in the centre
Fishbone – The topic goes in the fish head and what you know is recorded on the fish bones grouped by headings
Diary – record what you do each day and set a goal at the end of each week
Journal – Record what you know and what is next
KWHL – share what you know, want to know, how you might find it out and new learning
Mind Mapping – show what you know and add to this you progress through the task
Y chart – what it sounds like, feels like and looks like
Think board – great for showing the same concept in four different ways
Lotus Diagram – the topic goes in the centre and record what you know around the topic. The word in the green goes in the next green space and then record detail you know about this around the word. Continuing with each colour
Cycle – is there a pattern to how a task needs to be done?
Faces – colour the face that is relevant to you and the task
Glossary – list mathematical terms and your definition