Sunday, 18 August 2013

Maths Linky #4

This week we are sharing a flashcard game.
Using flashcards is a great way to build up children's sight recognition and Fluency. Frequent practice builds up familiarity and confidence in identification of numbers, that then enables a student to apply these skills to more complex concepts. However, it is important to note that Fluency needs to be developed 'hand in hand' with Understanding.

Here is a fun game to play with a small group (with similar individual goals) or as a Fluency task for the class. This game is designed for Prep - Grade (Year) Two students but could be extended with the use of larger numbers.

The teacher has a set of number flashcards. Children sit facing the teacher. One student is chosen to select a card to be the DANGEROUS NUMBER - this card is then shown to all of the students and then inserted back into the pack. The teacher shuffles the cards and begins to show them, one at a time, to the group. The group then says the number three times (the reason for saying each number three times is for the benefit of students who are not sure what the number is - hear the number, remember the number, say the number). When the DANGEROUS NUMBER card comes up - everyone puts their hands on their heads and does not say anything. The first person to do this gets to select the next DANGEROUS NUMBER
Do not eliminate students who say the DANGEROUS NUMBER - as often, these are the students who need to play the game most.
Play the game again with a new DANGEROUS NUMBER (returning the previous number to normal use). To make this game more complicated - select a second or even third DANGEROUS NUMBER.

Now, join with us and share your own game!
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