Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mix and Match Cards

Hello everyone!
For all of our followers in Victoria - welcome back to Term 2!
To everyone else, we hope you are enjoying wherever you are in your school year and are making great progress with your students!
This week we are adding a set of 0 - 20 Mix and Match Cards to our collection...
0-20 Mix and Match Cards
Mix and Match Cards are designed to help students consolidate their understanding of number names, numerals and quantities (including zero), as well as subitise small collections of objects.
Mix and Match cards (2x sets included)
Set 1 includes: numerals, number names and 10’s frames (great for number recognition and developing subitising)
Set 2 includes: cards as above – however, 10’s frames are replaced by animal pictures to further develop subitising with random items.
Cards are designed to be printed in colour (choose the most appropriate set for your students), laminated and then cut into jigsaw pieces.
To introduce the use of Mix and Match Cards - model and match cards with small groups until students understand how the task works and how to check if they are correct (the jigsaw pieces should fit together perfectly). When the numbers move beyond 10, the pictures and 10’s frames can also assist students to develop strategies for addition.
Ideas for using the Mix and Match cards…
  • Students can work individually or in a small group to match the numerals, number names and quantities. Begin with student’s point of need and increase the number of cards from there. For example, some students may start with the cards 0 – 5, where as other students may be ready for 0 – 10 or 0 – 20. Alternatively, students may start with only 2 pieces e.g. numerals and number names or number names and 10’s frames.
  • Students can also use the individual components of each card to order numerals, number names and quantities.
  • Other ideas for using the Mix and Match Cards are included in the pack.
We are always excited to see the progress our younger students start to make at this stage of the year!