Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Graphing for young learners

Introducing our newest pack 

In the early years we expect our students to be able to answer yes or no questions and graph information. This pack will help with this – just print and go. (26 pages)

This pack is aimed at Foundation Level in Australia and Grade One in USA.

Graphs include spinners and asking questions for
Cat or dog
Walk or car
Choose one of three colours/colors
Do you have a brother?
Do you have a sister?
Do you like cake?
Which fruit do you like?
Have you travelled using these…

Share the ‘I Can’ chart and display. Refer to it at the start and conclusion of the lesson as a reflection.  Choose the chart for your curriculum.
Model how to complete the graph and provide the language needed to obtain the answers from 10 children within the grade.
As students organize, represent and interpret data up to three categories they need to ask questions about the total number within each group.
They need to be asked and have modelled questions to work out how many more or less in one category more than another.
The students can complete the print and go graphs individually or with a partner.

There is a section for Australian spelling and a section for USA spelling.