Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Night Games (LEGO Part 2!)

Loving LEGO!!!

Part 2 - Year 3 - 6 students
Continuing from last week...
LEGO helps children build their fine motor skills, develops problem solving skills and encourages creativity... why not harness this for our maths program too?!?
 lego 0
Below are some ideas of how Lego can be incorporated into your Maths program...
(Use as a whole class, small group, pairs/individual task, or as an early finisher's challenge.)
  • Show a picture/photo completed model and ask students to create the model as best they can (spatial awareness)
  • Give students a limited collection of blocks to use and a task to make with these eg make an animal/transport/housing/toy etc (design and creativity/problem solving)
  • Estimate the number of blocks it would take to build a tower that is 50cm high (select your own measurement!), build and check (reasoning/estimation)
  • Make a model township based on a book you are currently reading (spatial awareness/problem solving/design and creativity)
  • Use Lego to make arrays and square numbers (number and algebra)
  • Use Lego to make symmetrical designs (measurement and geometry)
  • Use Lego to make 3D objects (measurement and geometry)
  • Explore fractions with Lego
  • Work our the mean, median and mode using colours or numbers of studs (the bumps on the top of Lego)

Most of all... have fun!

Talk, create and share!

There are heaps more activities to enjoy - these are just a few to get you thinking
If you have any fantastic Lego Maths activities - please let us know!