Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Money Multiples - Australian Money

Introducing Money Multiples for Year 3 in Australian Money!

Money Multiples  has 75 pages

This unit focuses on multiples of coins and notes in Australian money. 
Each task is designed to consolidate this and provides opportunities to explore and articulate the processes and strategies they use.

It covers the following
Australian Curriculum Content Strand: Money and Financial Mathematics            
Australian Curriculum Content Description: (ACMNA059) - represent money values in multiple ways
(This unit does not cover - count the change required for simple transactions to the nearest five cents)

It has....
I Can Chart - Share the ‘I Can’ chart and display. Refer to it at the start and conclusion of the lesson as a reflection.

Money in Piggy Banks - Copy in black and white or in colour. I would recommend copying 6 of your choice as this will assist when you have a group using them. Laminate and use as a learning centre.
On top of each piggy bank place coins or notes to show an alternative way to show that amount. Use play money or the money at the back of this pack.

Copy one for each child and model how to complete the tasks.
Draw the coin
Record what you know about the coin
Where can you use this coin?
Write some equations using this amount of money

What can I buy? Copy one for a pair of students to use. Use catalogues and find items that you could buy and glue them on the bags. Display when completed. You will need to have the discussion about how difficult it is to now find items below $2.00. Perhaps take photos of items from your canteen or local milk bar.

How many ways can I show money amounts? Copy in colour and use as a learning centre. Cut each card out. The cards could be used for
Sequencing in order of value
Placing other coins or notes on top to show other ways of displaying that amount. i.e. 20c could be 2x10c or 4x5c
Use play money or the money at the back of this pack to place on top

Dice - Copy and cut out the dice. Fold the flaps and glue or tape to make the dice.
Roll the dice. Using play money or the money provided to show how you could make the amount using alternative amounts. i.e. $20 could be two $10 notes or 1x$10 and 20x50c
Some students could just record the alternatives, or orally share with a group

Roll dice and add - Copy one grid for each pair of students. You will need the two dice from the preceding task as well as a six sided dice. Take it in turns to roll the dice, each student is to use a different colour to record an answer. If a space is full you miss a go. The winner is the one who has been able to fill the most spaces

Roll and equate - Copy and laminate – write using a dry erase marker. Roll the dice and add the money amounts. If you roll a 4 that is 4x5c which is 20c. Exchange the 5c pieces for a 20c piece. Continue to roll and add the money.

Money black line and colour - There are colour as well as black and white versions for you to copy and use