Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Night Games (LEGO Part 1)

Loving LEGO!!!

Part 1 - Foundation (Prep) - Year 2 students
Wonderful childhood memories spring to life whenever someone mentions the word LEGO!
In fact, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it still today!
But now I can appreciate it from a slightly different perspective and can see the amazing benefits from time spent with the little bricks and Lego men!
LEGO helps children build their fine motor skills, develop problem solving strategies and encourages creativity... why not harness this for use in our maths program too?!?
 lego 0
Below are some ideas of how Lego can be incorporated into your Maths program...
(Use as a whole class, small group, pairs/individual task, or as an early finisher's challenge.)
  • Show a picture/photo of a basic (3 - 5 peices to start off with), completed Lego model and ask students to re-create the model as best they can (spatial awareness)
  • Use Lego blocks to practice addition (number)

             Red Lego Clip Art   +    Legos Clip Art    =

  • Use Lego to practice counting, make patterns, sorting and classifying (number/geometry/problem solving/reasoning)
  •  Make towers and explore 'greater than', 'less than' and 'the same' (number/reasoning)
  •  Trace around single blocks and have students match them (geometry)
  • Trace around groups of block - can students match the shape? How many different ways can they make that shape? (geometry/problem solving)
  • Use Lego bricks to practice subitising - show a number of bricks quickly and ask students how many there were - check to see if they were right (number)


Allow a set amount of 'play time' when you introduce Lego into your progam - this is just as valuable as the Mathematical learning you are about to undertake!
Use plastic zip lock bags to make up kits students can use for certain tasks - large amounts of Lego is not only tempting to play with but can be overwhelming when trying to find certain peices to work with.

Most of all... have fun!

Talk, create and share!

There are heaps more activities to enjoy - these are just a few to get you thinking!
If you have any fantastic Lego Maths activities - please let us know!