Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Night Games

Two-Dice Equations (Grades 1–8)

Math concepts: Students of all ages can play this game, as long as they're able to add the numbers that come up on two dice. While younger children benefit from the practise of adding, older students have the opportunity to think about the probability of the sums from rolling two dice.

The object: to remove all the counters in the fewest rolls possible.
How to play: Two or more players can play. Each player needs 11 counters, a game strip that lists the numbers from 2 to 12 spaced far enough apart so the counters can fit on top of each number, and a recording sheet. Here are the rules for playing:

1. Each player arranges 11 counters on the game strip and records the arrangement.
2. Once the counters are arranged, players take turns rolling the dice.

3. For each roll, all players can remove one counter if it is on the sum rolled. Players keep track of the number of rolls of the dice it takes to clear their game board.

After students have had the chance to play the game for several days or so, have a class discussion about the different ways they arranged the counters and the number of rolls it took. Have them write about the arrangements that are best for removing the counters in the fewest number of rolls.