Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Night Games

Building Mathematical Language...

Continuing on from last Sunday night's post, here are some more suggestions to help build student's mathematical vocabulary. These can be used as a warm up at the start of a session or as a review at the end of a session (this helps develop Fluency and, when used in context, develops Understanding).
  • Hangman
  • Memory (standard Memory or matching language to a definition/image)
  • Snap (have multiple cards with matching mathematical language to increase the fun! Students must be able to say the word and give a definition or example before being able to take the pile)
  • Crosswords
  • JigQuiz (9 square tiles - match language to a definition/image)
  • Quizzes
  • Use a range of Thinkers Keys (For example: the Alphabet Key)
  • Students keep a glossary in the back of their maths book
  • Jigsaw puzzles (make a poster with mathematical language written on it - then cut it up to make a jigsaw - ensure the words are cut up to make it a challenge to put back together)
  • Word segments (segment several mathematical words and write each segment on different card. For example: squ/are   tri/angle   ob/long   cu/be   sph/ere etc. Jumble these up and time how long it takes to put them all back together)

Have fun with your students and feel free to add your favourite language building games to our list.
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