Wednesday, 30 July 2014

National Mathematics Conference

I was lucky to be able to go to the 1st National Conference for School Leaders in Primary Mathematics Education in Melbourne last Friday.
We took a team and were able to hear motivating speakers and their take on leadership.

Matt Sexton was the Keynote speaker and he went into detail about why it is important to have good maths leadership in schools. We need to move from management to leadership and focus on planning, key ideas, transforming our culture, shift attitudes, use data, positive professional learning and mentor staff as needed. 

 Doug Clarke (one of my heroes in terms of maths) spoke and took a session. 
We were reminded of our moral purpose and the duality of education in making social links to curriculum. 

Ann Downton provided strategies to take back to school to help in developing an overall mathematics plan.  We delved into school context, planning, differentiation and collaboration. 

Sessions included the missing content and pedagogical knowledge. 

Colleen Monaghan lead us through teaching difficult concepts and how to support staff. 

A great professional learning opportunity.