Sunday, 20 July 2014

Guess My Number - Sunday Night Game

For all our Australian readers - welcome back to school. 
I think we are all back now across our country and have all begun our third term. 
For our American readers - you still have some time left for summer break. 

So here is our Sunday Night Game idea for this week.

This is a very old but very good game called
"Guess My Number"
It is fabulous for assessing place value.
You can model this for your whole grade and once they understand how to play they can play in small groups, partners or whole grade without you being the moderator.
It can be differentiated by using numbers between 0-5 or 0-1000000 or as high as you like. 
You can use it for fractions, for decimals, percentages, measurement such as time, length or absolutely anything. 

Decide what will be your number and to begun with - write it on a sticky note to show you haven't changed your mind!
I find that when introducing this for the fist time if I use a 120 chart and flip the numbers over that are not relevant they pick up how to do this much quicker.

Children ask is the number bigger than 79? If the answer is no then flip the numbers you don't need. 
This way there is a visual as to numbers needed.
Is the number smaller than 21? No
Keep answering questions until the students have worked out the number.
They can even ask questions like - is it an odd number? does it have a 3 in the tens place?
Brainstorm and model questions to ask, so that when they do this in groups they are aware of what/how they can ask questions.

Once they master the between - smaller - larger language, move away from the 120 chart and use a number line.
This magnetic frames are excellent for narrowing down numbers
Then start recording numbers on the board without the prompts  - good luck and let us know how the start of your term goes. 
For our American readers enjoy the remainder of your summer break.