Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Maths Inquiry

Over the last few months, the 5/6 team have been experimenting with Maths Inquiry, linked to Interactive Note Books. 

This week we started an Economics Unit that focuses on budgets, conversion rates for different currencies and managing operations with money. 

So the task is open ended and is colour coded depending on ability and point of need, but allows all to focus and challenge themselves depending on skill and knowledge. 

As a team - we decide the focus and what skill is needed. 
We have developed a 'Running Course',  'Time' and "Statistics and Probability' unit that have been very successful. 
Our high flyers are working independently, those that need support are in focus teaching groups and have exposure to mini lessons. 

This unit is about having $5000 and going on a holiday (Fiona has led this unit) - searching for flights, accommodation, food, currency conversions and so much more. Our kids do not want to pack up - we did two hours of math today!

There are research skills involved and this is where our 1:1 netbook leasing program has been fantastic. 

 Some students are keeping track digitally, others are using their notebook and some notebooks are organised differently to what we are used to. 

 Our next focus is to be the Commonwealth Games.