Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday Night Maths Linky - 8th December

Roll A Christmas Tree

A fun and easy Christmas game for students in Foundation to Grade 2.
A free download from our digital stores!

What you need:
ü  ‘Roll A Christmas Tree’ template (one per student)
ü  Dice (six sided)
ü  Coloured pencils/textas/crayons

How to play:
v  Play in small groups (approximately 4)
v  Take turns to roll the dice, then colour the corresponding section of the Christmas Tree
v  Colour each section once - if you roll the same number again – miss that turn
v  The first person to colour all sections of their Christmas Tree is the winner

o   When a player wins the game – keep playing until all members of the group have finished their tree. All players continue to roll the dice, instead of colouring sections of the Christmas Tree – add your own decorations/presents under the tree  (however many were rolled)
o   Make your own game – draw a Christmas picture using 6 different shapes. Give each shape a number between 1 – 6, copy and play with your friends (use blank ‘Roll a __________’ template)
o   Use a 10 sided dice – add 4 decorations to the list that must be rolled before the game is finished

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