Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Night Maths Linky - 1st December

Crazy Catalogues!

December has arrived and with it comes the silly season.
In our letterboxes come catalogue after catalogue, filled with everything you could possible imagine - all at a discount, must have price!
Rather than throw all of these away - why not make use of them?!?
Start collecting catalogues and make the most of the maths inside!
Here are 5 ideas to get you started...

Use a range of catalogues (toys, groceries, sporting, jewelry, car accessories, home-wares, etc).
Select the activities that are appropriate for your age group of students.
  1. Select any 5 items you would like for Christmas and order them from least to most expensive. Then combine your items with a friend and order all 10.
  2. Select 5 food items (that you can see the weight of) and work out how much each would be per 100 grams. Which is the best value?
  3. Choose any 3 items and work out the average cost for the three.
  4. Choose a gift that you think all students in your class would like - how much would it cost to buy one for everyone? What are the different ways you could work this out? Which is the most efficient?
  5. Find 5 items that are within a given price range (for example $5.50 to $6.00) or within a set price difference from each other (for example within 20 cents of each other - if the first item selected is $3.00 then all other items must not be any more expensive than $3.20 or less than $2.80).

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