Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Seeing Symmetry - Interactive Journal


This is a print and go unit of work - click here to see it in our store
Read through the suggested plan and use the assessment sheet each day

Task One
Discuss - What is symmetry?
List objects that have a line of symmetry
Draw a shape that has a line of symmetry
Have a copy of Task 1 for all students
They glue the tabs in their Maths Book
Then write and draw underneath the flap

Task Two
Which letters have a line of symmetry and which do not?
Copy task on pages 10/11 for all
Use page 10 as flaps and then place objects under the correct flap
Draw in the line of symmetry

Task Three
Objects that have a line of symmetry
Copy pages 12/13
Page 13 are objects to be used under the flaps for having a line of symmetry or not

Task Four
Copy p14
Students draw the other half of the shape
Discuss the need to be accurate and show the mirror image
When complete – draw half a shape on the back for a buddy to complete

Task Five
Copy page 15
Discuss natural and man made items
Students need to draw items under the correct flap
On the top of each flap make notes about what you discover 

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