Sunday, 22 September 2013

Maths Linky - 22nd Sep

Cross the River

Cross the River is a great game for developing fluency in just about any area of maths! This game is particularly suitable for students in Year Prep - 2 but could be extended to Year 3/4 by using more complex language/topics. Cross the River can be played by the whole class or in small groups.
Write the subject matter to be practised onto cards (this could be numbers, fractions, shapes, days of the week, months, multiplication questions... the list is endless!). Lay these cards out in a winding pattern on the floor, these form the stepping stones needed to safely cross the river. Place some material/paper at the end of the 'river' to make an island (this is the destination for students).
The aim of the game is to move from stepping stone to stepping stone by correctly saying what is on each one as you step on it - ensuring you arriving safely at the island. If you get one wrong, you fall into the river and start again. As this game is designed to build fluency and confidence - ensure students know the majority of the answers to each stepping stone. Only introduce a few new stepping stones at a time.
As an extension - you can time students and encourage them to beat their previous times.
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