Sunday, 25 October 2015

What is your favourite thing about school???

It's a question that's asked of children regularly and the range of responses can be from the expected, to the unusual (of course there is always that one child...!).
But it makes our hearts sing when the response, without even a second of hesitation, is MATHS!
There are often lots of reasons why students will say "Maths" but for those who don't, maybe a better question is...
 "What might make you say Maths instead???"
I asked some of our students (who gave an alternative answer) and here is what they said...
  • I would need harder work - the stuff I did yesterday was easy.  T.B. Aged 12
  • I like maths but wish I could learn to count higher. M.Y. Aged 6
  • Writing is my favourite but I would change to maths if there were easier ways to remember stuff. K.J Aged 10
  • I would like to do more writing and more games in Maths lessons. A.S. Aged 11
  • I like going on the computer and maths games but some of the other stuff we do is way too easy. I need harder work! M.G. Aged 9
Certainly food for thought!!!