Sunday, 4 October 2015

Welcome back to Term 4

Term 4 starts in Victoria tomorrow.

Kids, parents and teachers will be preparing for the next 11 weeks before Christmas and summer break. 

This is a busy term for Kerry and I. 

Kerry is studying and researching, while working full time,

 I will be on Long Service Leave all term. I will be supporting my daughter who is in Year 12 and her VCE exams are just mere weeks away. Then we are travelling to the United States. 

So apologies up front if we blog less and are less visible this term. 

You know how much Kerry and I love maths - yet I find this funny. 

Especially funny to the teachers who teach both math and social studies/history!:

I will leave you with this...

I need this in my own life!  Hey diddle diddle, The median's the middle; You add and divide the mean. The mode is the one that appears the most, and the range is the different between.:

Happy first week back folks...