Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Maths Tool Kit - Junior Primary School

This week we have added a new resource pack to our store.
Included in this pack are a collection of tools and resources that can be used across many areas of the Mathematics curriculum.
Teachers can print each resource in colour or black and white, on A4 or A3, once or multiple times to suit your teaching and student’s needs. Resources can be laminated for long term use or printed for individual use.
Tools and resources included in this pack:
  • Days of the week cards
  • Months of the year cards
  • Seasons cards
  • Mathematical language cards (e.g. smaller/larger, likely/unlikely)
  • Four processes language and symbols cards
  • Numerals: 0 – 20
  • Number names: 0 - 20
  • Number charts: 0 – 99, 1 – 120
  • Number expanders: tens/ones, hundreds/tens/ones, thousands/hundreds/tens/ones
  • Place value charts: tens/ones, hundreds/tens/ones, thousands/hundreds/tens/ones
  • Number lines
  • Clock faces
  • Thinkboard (including instructions for use)
  • Blank graphing template