Sunday, 13 September 2015

Brilliant Board Games!

I am sure we all have a favourite board game that brings back fond memories!
There are so many to choose from today... I have lost track of how many different versions of Monopoly there are now!
But they all have several things in common, along with many advantages...
  • everyone needs to learn (and play by) the rules
  • inter-personal skills are developed
  • peer teaching is a great way to learn new games
  • many games require a great deal of patience
  • having a strategic approach can be useful
  • games often use a vast range of mathematical skills
  • scoring develops additive thinking
  • higher order thinking is encouraged
  • persistence is a must!
How often do we provide our students with the opportunity to learn and play a new board game??? Something that can be shared with friends and family, a game that will be looked back on fondly in years to come???
Drag a few out of the cupboard and let us know how you go!