Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Crossing the Decades

As students develop their ability to count, a common problem often occurs when they begin to explore numbers that 'cross the decades'. This refers to moving from a digit ending in a 9 to the next group of 10. For example: 29 to 30 or 79 to 80. 
When counting, students can struggle to identify the next number in the sequence, not know what number comes next or select a random number that they think might work!
There are lots of counting and place value games that support students to build their skills in this area. The use of 10s frames and counting charts are a great place to start, along with bead frames in groups of 10.
Next week we will be publishing a concentration game that can be used to support students to learn and practise these counting sequences. This game will include concentration cards in 3 different formats: written numerals, digits and a number representation (10s frames for smaller numbers & base 10 blocks for larger numbers).
If you have any great tips for supporting students to successfully 'cross the decades', please feel free to leave a comment or let us know at