Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Crossing the Decades Concentration

Last week we discussed the difficulties many students experience when beginning to explore larger numbers and the problems associated with 'crossing the decades' - moving from a digit ending in 9 to the next ten.

This week we have added a 'Crossing the Decades Concentration' game to our store to assist students to develop and practise this skill.
Crossing the Decades Concentration cards help students practise this concept while playing a game. Cards include all pairs of 9 to 10 numbers up to 100 in 3 formats - digits, number names and pictures.
Teachers can select the cards that are appropriate for use with the students they are working with. Cards may be selected to include a specific number range (e.g. cards between 9 and 20) or particular sets of cards to make the task simpler or more challenging (e.g. digits and picture cards, digits and number names or number names and picture cards). Students look for the correctly sequenced numbers and find a ‘Crossing the Decades’ pair. For example: 29 and 30 or 69 and 70. Cards can be selected so that students match digits with digits or can be selected so that any combination is acceptable as a pair.
The cards can be printed in colour or black and white, and then laminated for long term use. Cut along the dotted lines to create 6 individual cards per page.
We hope this helps your students to develop the skills to successfully 'cross the decades'!