Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday night and reports

Here in Australia it is Report Writing time. 
It comes twice a year! 
Whether you have been naughty or nice....

But seriously - it is a time to think about how far each of our kids has come and a time to celebrate their successes big or small. 

(the crazy hair lady is only there to cover up student details)

This is a screen grab of what I see as I enter Progression Points into my report template for half my grade - my Year 3s.

We spend our days working with kids at point of need and taking notes, gathering evidence and making judgements. 

We give feedback, set goals, record, take photos and then gather more stuff....

We sit at our computers and then try to pull all this information together in a sentence or two and hope the parents understand our jottings. 

We try to not use teacher language, abbreviations, check what we write has no double meaning and hope that it does say what we intended it to say. 

I wish you all the greatest of phrases, the best of word choices, the speediest of internet, the list could go on - but I have reports to re read to make sure of all the above!

May the reporting angel be with you.