Sunday, 17 May 2015

120 Charts

I have always been a huge fan of these flip and learn 120 charts. 

They are dear - but well worth the investment. As you look at counting patterns you can change the colour and see the patterns or when predicting hide the number and work it out. 

Our Department has these templates as freebies for 120 - 100 - 99 that you can use. 

I get on my soap box about these as I believe the 120 chart teaches so much more about bridging, place value and going beyond 100. 

Where I work I have asked all staff to remove 100 charts as there is life beyond 100.  Going to 120 teaches our students about 101, 102 etc and they don't then wrote 1001, 1002 like it sounds!

The teen numbers are there ie 111, 112, 113 etc and if they can record to 120 accurately, they can go beyond that. 

I dare you to get rid of those 100 charts and go to 120!