Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Fraction Bingo and Fraction Cards Bundle

This week we have combined two of our popular products into one great value bundle! 
This bundle supports students in understanding and comparing fractions represented in different ways.
Level (Year) 3 & 4
Number - Fractions

Both the Fraction Bingo and Fraction Cards packs are designed to allow students to recognise and match each of the fractions they are expected to know at AusVELS Level 3 and 4 including:
halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, eighths and tenths
along with the decimal notation of these.
Included in both Fraction Bingo and Fraction Cards are the various ways fractions can be represented. Fractions are represented by:
• Region model
• Two language forms
• Fractions of a collection
• On a number line
• Decimal notation (Level Four)
Print both Bingo & Fraction Cards in colour and laminate for long term use. Prior to printing Fraction Cards – decide on the best size for your purpose.
Fraction Bingo includes 2 sets of cards. Each set has 8 cards, all with a variety of fraction representations. The first set caters for students in Level 3 (using the region model, both language representations, fractions of a collection, and number lines. The second set also includes decimal representations.
To play Fraction Bingo…
  • Groups can have up to 9 people playing – 1 to shuffle and deal out cards (or roll dice), 8 with Bingo Cards
  • Decide which set of cards you wish to use (with or without decimal fractions) and distribute these to students. Ensure students have time to look at their cards and discuss the fractions/decimals they have
  • Elect one person to shuffle and show the Fraction Cards one at a time. Students use a counter to mark off the matching fractions they have on their card. Fraction cards that have been shown are placed in a neat pile and will be used at the end of the game to check the winner’s Bingo card
  • When students have 3 fractions in a row, they call out ‘BINGO!’
  • The person showing the fractions checks their answers – if they are all correct, they are the winner. Students swap roles and cards & play again
There are also a range of variations suggested in the pack.
The Fraction Cards can also be used for a variety of other tasks and activities as described in the pack. As fractions are often a difficult concept for students to understand, it is essential we scaffold their learning and set individual goals to help them progress. Use as many or as few cards as you wish (decimal fractions may be used as an extension task for some students).  
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