Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Multiplication Tables

We all know how tricky it can be for students to learn their multiplication tables.
We now have two units of work available that are aimed at supporting students to not only learn their multiplication tables, but to understand them. Multiplication tables are one aspect of teaching multiplication but these facts are critical to further learning in multiplication.
Available are:
Multiplication Tables - Level (Year) Three
Including: 2x 3x 5x 10x
Multiplication Tables - Level (Year) Four
Including: 4x 6x 7x 8x 9x
We also have available a great value bundle with both units included at a reduced price.

 All unit include:
• On overview of the concepts and strategies relevant to the development of multiplication
• A Student Progress Record sheet
• Tasks to support the teaching of multiplication and division
• Resources to support the teaching of multiplication and division (including ‘Speed Check’ sheets, individual and partner games/tasks, dominoes and flash cards)
• Identified assessment tasks to support a differentiated teaching approach

There is also room to include your favourite multiplication tasks and activities that are relevant to the strategies being taught, or to practice the multiplication concept.