Sunday, 22 February 2015

Adding 1 can be tricky

Adding 1 to a collection can be hard for some kids as they need to go back to the start and count form one.

Subitising is a pre requisite that is needed to do this task. 

Do lots of trusting the count before you add one. 

This pack will help to see a collection and then add 1.

iSURF© is a mathematical structure that will support AusVELS and the Australian Curriculum, as well as the CCSS in the USA  - 36 pages

You will find.....
Poster - I can add 1 to a collection

Peg It - Adding a collection and clip with a peg

Spin and add 1 - Laminate and add the spinner with a split pin. Spin and add one. Some students may be ready to record the equation

Read the Room - Adding 1, there are two sets. Color copy and laminate – then display around the room. Students then locate the cards and record the answers. Set 1 is to 10 - children identify the sea animal and record the answer next to it. Set 2 is to 20 and is labelled alphabetically

Roll the Dice - There are recording sheets for 6, 10 and 12 sided dice. Each child needs a best fit dice. They roll the dice and then record the answer vertically and horizontally.
CCSS standards are included 
K.CC.A.2 Counting and Cardinality – know number names and the count sequence. Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of beginning at 1)
This task fits in with the following

AusVELS Content Description:  
Establish understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point (ACMNA001)
Represent practical situations to model addition and sharing (ACMNA004)